Are EVIO Labs certified or accredited?

All of our Oregon locations are NELAP accredited by the Oregon Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ORELAP) and licensed by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to test Cannabis. We also participate in a network of accredited and licensed laboratories throughout Oregon giving us unprecedented ability to achieve any number of state compliant testing services for our clients, even if we reach our own local capacities! We work with some of the best names in Cannabis analytical services to ensure that our clients will always receive top tier service and defensible, reliable results.

Our Oregon labs are featured on the Oregon Health Authority’s list of approved Cannabis testing laboratories. Click here to review the list. They are also featured on the ORELAP list of accredited Cannabis testing laboratories. Click here to review the list.

Our California, Massachusetts, Colorado and Florida locations are currently in the process of preparing for ISO 17025 accreditation. ISO 17025 is an international standard for analytical laboratories.

How do I get my product tested?

For any combination of our single lab services, you can make arrangements directly with your local EVIO Lab to either drop off a sample for informational use only services, or schedule a random sampling event for state compliant services. Rules vary by state, so check with your local lab for more details.

My dispensary told me I needed to have my product tested before they could do anything. How can I get it tested?

Give us a call! We offer a variety of packages to meet the requirements of each location and product type.

What is the sample size?

See our services page for information about required sample sizes for each of our services. In Oregon, we sample 0.5% of each batch. In other states, sample sizes are approximately 1 gram of product per test.

What kind of bulk order discounts do you offer?

We offer great discounts for volume testing and partner level services. Please call to find out more!

How soon will the results be ready?

With current lab testing volumes, we anticipate turn-around times of 7-10 days in Oregon, and 3-5 days in Massachusetts, California, and Colorado. Please note that turnaround times are only estimations and could become affected by unforeseen circumstances outside of the laboratory’s control such as required instrument maintenance, supply back-orders, audits from assessment bodies, etc. We recommend planning your testing needs at least two weeks in advance.

Where are you located?

Check out our Locations page to find the EVIO Labs location nearest you.

I am an extract and/or concentrate processor in Oregon. What testing do I need to be compliant with OAR 333-007?

Extracts and concentrates require pesticide testing and, if applicable, residual solvent testing to comply with OAR 333-007. To determine what testing you need for your product, please read the current rules here.

What do you need from me to submit a sample in Oregon?

Along with your sample, we will need the following:​

  • Valid State issued ID
  • Applicable licenses (OMMP ID, OLCC Licensee number, OHA processor license number, California medical marijuana ID, etc)
  • ​ Documentation of any state approved testing or sampling waivers
  • Full payment unless prior arrangements have been made​. We accept cash, check, and credit cards.